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The Needels Family
Bill, Dawn, Emily, and Ryan
24805 Millbridge Heights Lane
Porter, Tx.  77365
Home Phone: 281.354.1982 |   Cell Phone: 713.898.3086

Directions - Travelling north on Highway 69 near Kingwood . . .
  1. Turn left on Northpark Drive and go 0.5 miles (the HEB will be on your left)
  2. Turn right on Rock Creek Drive (enter the Oakhurst subdivision) and go 1.1 miles till the road ends
  3. Turn left on Mills Branch Drive and go 0.5 miles (past the end of the golf course)
  4. Turn left on Fleetwood Park Drive
  5. Turn right on Presley Grove Drive
  6. Turn right on Stratton Meadows Drive
  7. Turn right on Millbridge Heights Lane (ours is the last house on the right)

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